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This template searches for a image file with the given base name, in the order svg, png, jpg, gif.

It allows you to use a currently available raster file now and, as soon as it comes, using a (hopfilly better quality) vector file later, as soon as it is available.

If none is found, the gif is used (and displyed in red).

If you llok at the source, you'll find that

  • Media: is used for checking the existence. This is for looking at shared wikis (such as Wikimedia Commons) as well.
  • Image: is used for displaying. This is because we want to deal with images.

You can add arguments as you would do on a file.


  • {{Template:ImageFile|Castle|Castle}}Castle
  • {{Template:ImageFile|State Car2|200px|Car (2/4)}}Car (2/4)