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Template for the geological table in the Map Features page. Use the default English text or use the template arguments for your translations


All parameters are optional. By default, text is in English. English writers shall write their comments in the template itself (avoiding double edition). Other languages are translated in template arguments, not in the template itself.

== section header ==
|name=        (section header line)
|description= (displayed before and/or after the table; optional)
== One key/value row ==
|geological:key=   |peak:value=   |peak:desc=   |peak:render=   |peak:photo=

Template for copy/paste...



Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
geological palaeontological_site Mf node.png Mf area.png A paleontological site is a place (or group of physical sites) in which remains of ancient living forms is preserved. Area under the study of the forms of life existing in prehistoric times, as represented by the fossils of plants, animals, and other organisms investigated using the discipline of paleontology.
Palaeontological site.svg
Giacimento paleontologico villaggio del pescatore duino.jpg
geological User Defined Mf node.png Mf area.png See Taginfo site for some other common used values as well

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.