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Template for the Natural table in the Map Features page. Use the default English text or use the template arguments for your translations


All parameters are optional. By default, text is in English. English writers shall write their comments in the template itself (avoiding double edition). Other languages are translated in template arguments, not in the template itself.

== section header ==
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== One key/value row ==
|natural:key=   |peak:value=   |peak:desc=   |peak:render=   |peak:photo=

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Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
natural bay Mf node.png Mf area.png Bay (Other languages)
natural beach Mf node.png Mf area.png Beach: sand, gravel or pebble (Other languages)
natural cave_entrance Mf node.png Mf area.png The entrance to a cave.
Cave entrance.jpg
natural cliff Mf node.png Mf way.png Mf area.png Rock face
natural coastline Mf node.png Mf way.png Mf area.png The coastline should run clockwise around water and anti-clockwise around land, i.e. land on the left side and water on the right side of the way (that is, according to the sequence of nodes in the way), for it to show correctly. As the sole exception coastlines do not have to form closed ways, they merely have to connect up (head to tail) to form complete closed polygons.
natural fell Mf node.png Mf area.png Bare upper lying uncultivated land principally covered with grass and often grazed.
natural glacier Mf node.png Mf area.png Areas (or peaks) covered with ice throughout the year
Rendering-Natural glacier OSM.png
Grosser Aletschgletscher 3196.JPG
natural heath Mf node.png Mf area.png Bare lower lying uncultivated land with bushes but little or no tree cover.
Note. This is not for parks whose name is "Something Heath"
Lüneburger Heide 080.jpg
natural land Mf node.png Mf area.png Land that exists within another area, such as a lake. (i.e an island). Keep water on the right and land on the left side in relation to sequence of nodes in the Way. See Relations/Multipolygon for islands in lakes
natural marsh Mf node.png Mf area.png waterlogged area (on Wikipedia)

Deprecated. Use natural=wetland, wetland=* instead.

natural mud Mf node.png Mf area.png (Other languages)
natural peak Mf node.png top of a hill or mountain (summit)
natural scree Mf node.png Mf area.png Loose rock Scree.jpg
natural scrub Mf node.png Mf area.png Uncultivated land covered with bushes or stunted trees
natural spring Mf node.png A place where ground water flows naturally from the ground ((hydrology, land) (3596) Other languages)
La Sorgue, Fontaine-de-Vaucluse.JPG
natural tree Mf node.png Lone or significant trees.
natural volcano Mf node.png A volcano, either dormant, extinct or active
natural water Mf node.png Mf area.png Lakes, etc.
Natural water.jpg
natural wetland Mf node.png Mf area.png waterlogged area (on Wikipedia) Rendering-area-natural-marsh-osmarender.png
natural wood Mf node.png Mf area.png Natural woodland (trees). See also landuse=forest.
Biogradska suma.jpg
natural User Defined Mf node.png Mf area.png See Taginfo site for some other common used values as well

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