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Template for the Power table in the Map Features page. Use the default English text or use the template arguments for your translations

All parameters are optional. By default, text is in English. 
English writers shall write their comments in the template itself (avoiding double edition). 
Other languages are translated in template arguments, not in the template itself.
== section header ==
|name=        (section header line)
|description= (displayed before and/or after the table; optional)

== One key/value row ==
|power:key=   |line:value=   |line:desc=   |line:render=   |line:photo=



Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
power tower Mf node.png For towers or pylons carrying high voltage electricity cables. Normally constructed from steel latticework. Should not be used for electricity or telephone cables carried on single wooden poles, which might be tagged power=pole. Mapnik-power.png Power-tower.JPG
power line Mf way.png A way following the path of power cables. For minor power lines with poles and not towers, you may want to use power=minor_line. Osmarender power.png Dscf0240 600.jpg
power station Mf node.png Mf area.png A tag for electricity stations. Wires from power lines come in or go out here. Mapnik-power.png 800px-Transmissionsubstation.jpg
power sub_station Mf node.png Mf area.png A tag for electricity sub-stations. Smaller than a station. Could be a box near street. Mapnik-power.png Kompaktstation IMGP1324 osm.jpg
power generator Mf node.png Mf area.png A place where power is generated. Use in combination with power_source; you may want to use power_rating=* Rendering-power-generator-mapnik.png Huntly Power Station.jpg
power User Defined Mf way.png see Taginfo site for some other common used values as well
additional attributes to power=line
cables ... 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18 ... Mf way.png Number of cables per power line. The power line on the photo (click on it to see more details) has 6 double cables (the cable on top does not carry power) and thus may be tagged as cables=6 and wires=double. Osmarender power.png Power-tower.JPG
wires single, double, triple, quad Mf way.png Number of wires per power cable. "single" (1), "double" (2), "triple" (3) or "quad" (4). The photo shows an example of "double". Osmarender power.png Power-cable.jpg
voltage ... 110000,
400000 ...
Mf way.png Voltage of the power line. Osmarender power.png

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