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Public transport information is often shown only in text form, e.g. bus/train timetables on printed signs and on websites such as Use of maps is fairly limited or non-existent in many public transport settings, but a map it would let us understand...

  1. distance
  2. time
  3. best route

...a lot quicker than by text.

Ordnance Survey data is expensive for the transport companies to purchase. Presumably it is often too expensive, meaning that train/bus companies curtail potential use of maps in some settings.

At the least this idea if implemented will provide useful information to the general public, its possible it will get us funding too.

We firstly approach a bus company and suggest they could use a geographical map to display there bus routes. OSM is free, OS is expensive.

We want better geographical information for the public, so we might offer to show them how to use our map interface to do what they would want to do.

The money comes in here: If their area is not covered by OSM yet, we (or a sister company) accepts a donation to map that area, and we map the area, and then they have their information a lot cheaper than the OS would provide it.

We could possibly write a special software solution for displaying maps, and ask for funds for providing that.

Benifits to Bus company:

  • Easier access to data by the public
  • Cheaper solution than using OS
  • Probably makes the government happy for the public to have easier access to public transport information

Benifits to us:

  • We get more data in the database
  • We help the public (one of our aims)
  • We get kudos for a implemented beneficial effect to the public
  • We get funds for hardware etc