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Open311 is a protocol that allows users to report issues to the corresponding officials/organisations and thus makes it very easy for citizens to get in contact with their city administration for small issues. It's something like OpenStreetBugs but not focused on fixing map errors, but errors in the environment.

One design failure seems to be, that there is no catalogue/broking services, which will allow clients to find the corresponding service for local area. While inhabitants might just learn the URL, it's bad for visitors to google for the administration page, search (in the local language!) on the page to find the reporting portal, look for the corresponding URL for the local client etc.

Here OSM might help, as we can tag the service URL directly to the city node or boundary that is covered by a single service URL:

So a client can check the current position with reverse-geocoding (like nominatim) and look for the tag of the current area. Now he can signup for the local instance and report an issue :)