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This project was originally proposed and is also discussed here: Define Guidelines and Workflow for Images in LearnOSM.

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How to start

Tackle the following assignments and send your deliverables to [] and [].

Assignment #1


  • Understand the structure and process
  • Assess existing documentation


  • Start from LearnOSM repository at Github.
  • Find where the images are located
  • Find the syntax (more than one) in the text files (Markdown style) to include the images.
  • Find the instructions to add an image.
  • Try to contribute an actual sample (a small image). This is likely to be rather difficult and may require the installation of a Github client.


  1. Deliverable: contact
    • How many ways did you find to contact or exchange with the LearnOSM team?
  2. Deliverable: analysis
    • Provide a diagram showing where the images go and how they get updated.
  3. Deliverable: uploaded image
    • Make a Github pull request to add an image.
    • Report the difficulties you encountered, unclear instructions, missing documentation.

Assignment #2


Review the current state and gather the ideas.


Read the issues, threads, documents referenced in the notes of the project


  1. Deliverable: analysis
    • For each reference, provide a very short summary to underline the important content, relevant to the scope of the current project
    • Extra: find other references!
  2. Deliverable: synthesis
    • Using your summary from the first deliverable as a starting point, propose your own classification of the outstanding issues, constraints and problems. Choose any criteria you like for instance by topic, priority, requirements.