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I'm using this page for my random scribbling on the wiki structure.

Page Types

  • MapProject - All pages related to actually mapping! i.e Places, Types, Party's. A description of the task, status and persons involved should go here along with links to "Sub Projects" if necessary.
  • WikiProject - All pages related to Wiki maintenance. i.e Wiki Clean Up, Wiki Suggestions, Wiki Notices, Template Suggestions. etc. The technical Wiki Stuff ONLY.
  • OSM - All pages relating directly to OSM, i.e an introduction page, the beginners guides, tagging information, tag proposals, api's and developer links, press initiative. Anything directly tied to the actual OSM concept and technology, NOT just loosely tied by the actual data.

Primarily used to correctly categorise pages to aid in easy navigation. I think the easiest way to do this would be to impliment some basic template for each type of suffix/page listed above.


Can A Category List be Transcluded?!?!?

I believe there should sensible categories interlinked throughout.

i.e Geographical

Starting with Earth, going through Regions, Nations, Countries all the way down to Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages.

Typed From, Cities to Cities in area's etc From,