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This page keeps track of bad osmarender tiles, along with those who are uploading them, in the hope of tracking down why these are happening, and anything that can be done to fix them.


  1. Wrong font. If the whole tile is wrong, the DejaVu fonts are not installed.
    1. If only the motorway_junction nodes are wrong, see ticket 1246.

Known offenders

X Y problem user
2018 1360 wrong font Milenko [1] Fonts are installed?
2013 1360 wrong font stoecker [2]
2011 1361 wrong font bmwiedemann [3] Fonts are installed and usable in other apps
2013 1361 old data matthias_julius_net_net [4] OSM user page does not load?
2008 1376 wrong font EdLoach [5]
2022 1356 bad proportions 26eb5473101d742b174d7307174096 z13 z14 z12 tile is shown at lower zooms, stretched to full width (e.g. 2x tile width at z13, 4x at z14, etc.)