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Boston Hackathon todo list

  1. Fix permalinks. Everything is in mercator, we need lat/lon links to not break existing permalinks and expected behavior
  2. Work on editing ways: Since the OSM API only allows editing of elements by reposting the entire XML string, I never bothered to do this.
  3. Document and make clear the process for setting up mapserver, GD, etc. as we have on the freemap server, so that if someone else wants to do it, they can.
  4. Create a scriptable process that can be kicked off automatically which takes the planet.osm dump, converts it, clears the existing cache, and possibly starts a pre-cache script for the first 5 zoom levels
  5. Work on a script to convert the new osm-map-features2.xml file to a mapfile
  6. Take results from 5. and improve the cartography
  7. fix the tile display in OL to reuse tiles
  8. Figure out alpha-transparency issues in OL