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Meskiagkasher (Meckiajgacer, Meskiaggasher, circa 3050 BCE to 3000 BCE NC) was the king of Uruk who left the reign of his country to his successor Enmerkar/Nimrud to become an explorer of the seas. He and his fleet of black ships went out into the Indian Ocean and subsequently circumnavigated the Arabian pensinsula to come to the mountainous lands on the shores of the Erythrean (Red) Sea, where he and his followers triggered a cultural evolution that led to the formation of states in Northeast Africa, including Egypt.
His name means "he who divides the land (amongst his followers)". The ancients and subsequently the writers of the bible knew him by his hypocoristic name Cush (=division). Through the Greeks we derive our own word "chaos" (=division) from the same hypocoristicon. The Egyptians deified him as Seth, Lord Chaos. In memory of the great mariner king the region he came to was also later known as Kush. He is said to be descended from Utnapishtim (Noah), the flood hero himself, and he is the ancestor of Enmer-kar (n-m-r the hunter/hero, biblical n-m-r(-d) Nimru(d)), the builder of the famous Tower of Babel (the ziggurat of Eridu).

I am interested in ancient history and formerly in the works of Tolkien (but after a clash with the Tolkien Estate over my maps-website that has lessened). On the internet I use the name "Steven White jr" (after my late father) so I do not have to use my real name and get spammed more than I do already.

Yours, CUSH