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Ideas from a discussion about the current handling of ways, directionality, etc...

Each way being a contigious list of nodes

This will means each way could be used for routing it purely joins aload of segments together to from a route from one junction to the next.

If we used this method, we would need another layer on top (routes) that specify names, references, etc which are made up of a number of ways.

Directionality in this method needs only to be specified at the way level.


  • Easy to use for routing
  • Single way covering several miles
  • Can group both carriageways of a major road


  • We'd need to break the ways and create a new ones if we add a new junction

Routing based on segments

This isn't hugely different to the idea above but does away with the 3rd layer but does mean we need more complex specifications on directionality on complex roads.

Ways are just used to stop data duplication.

Non routable ways

Have a tag specified on ways to shows its ONLY used for naming rather than routing. We'd then use simpler ways for each part of a complex road.

This fits the first idea mentioned into the existing schema


  • Works given the current schema


  • You'd need two ways (potentially 3) if a way branches and multiple ways per segment
  • Again, you'de need to break ways when new roads are added