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Properties for Tags

Properties for Tags allow you to specify additional characteristics to existing key=value combinations. This is not meant for properties that should apply to the tagged item (street etc.) itself, but only a single tag. See the examples below.


Properties are seperated from the Tag by a single '.' (point).


Possible Properties

  • All properties that are applicable for the given key
  • only: The key is only true, if the following key=value combination applies (e.g. time)
  • except: The key is not true, if the following key=value combination applies (e.g. time)


A residential street with a weight restriction of 2 tons, but only for people who don't live there:

A tertiary highway with a 2m wide footway on both sides, but the left one grows grass

A parking area with with a fee, but only during the given time:

A parking area that allows only short term parking, but only during the given time (time specified as in opening_hours=*):

Secondary with a cycleway on both sides, while the cycleway on the left side is on the street and the cycleway on the right side is on a seperate track:

One-Way Residential Street that is closed for foreign traffic once a week (e.g. marketplace):

Refering to different possible values for a single key by number

Instead of defining the value for a key, a # (hash) followed by two or more comma-seperated numbers is given. Those numbers can be used in conjunction with a # sign in keys to reference one possible value for this tag. Could probably be done better, just an idea.


A one-way street, with two possible values, depending on the time: