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The Philippines is one of the countries that produce power through power lines which are important to us. Without them, we have no power. To produce power, they must be produced on a power plants, transmits, passes through substations, distributed by various distribution companies, and enters to our households.

Since I started on OpenStreetMap, I mapped and done many edits on the country's power lines, especially those belong to National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

Why I want to map Philippine power lines?

I am obsessed on mapping them because it is one of our basic needs which is the electricity. Another reason is to add any missing structures and lines, removing them if they are wrong or a structure is not there, and aligning them to their correct positions. After adding nodes, I add some of the tags. Aside from adding current locations of a structure or line, I also add a node for their former locations.

Status of the Philippines' power lines

Transmission facilities are operated and maintained by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and they are still Philippine government or state-owned through the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo). The grid divides into three which are the Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao Grid. Distribution facilities are owned and operated by various distribution companies.

Power lines I mapped

Transmission (69,000, 115,000, 230,000, and 500,000 volts)

  • Hermosa-Balintawak Transmission Line (8L1HER-QUE; HB; RHB) 6966521 (i J P2)
    • Balintawak-Duhat Transmission Line (8L1QUE-DUH) 7058938 (i J P2)
    • Duhat-Hermosa Transmission Line (8L1DUH-HER) 7058922 (i J P2)
  • Hermosa-Limay Transmission Line (8L1HER-LIM; 8L2HER-LIM) 6756605 (i J P2)
  • Limay-Hermosa Transmission Line (8L1LIM-HER; 8L2LIM-HER) 156802419 (i J P2)
  • Mexico-Hermosa Transmission Line (8L1MEX-HER; 8L2MEX-HER) 1459152 (i J P2)
  • Hermosa-San Jose Transmission Line 6817263 (i J P2)
  • Mexico-Balintawak Transmission Line (8L1MEX-QUE) 6908495 (i J P2)
    • Mexico-Duhat Transmission Line (8L1MEX-DUH) 7422321 (i J P2)
    • Duhat-Balintawak Transmission Line (8L1DUH-QUE) 7422322 (i J P2)
  • Concepcion-Clark Transmission Line (8L1CON-CLK; 8L2CON-CLK) 7533155 (i J P2)
  • Hermosa-Olongapo Transmission Line 7012766 (i J P2)
  • Limay-GNPower Transmission Line 7533259 (i J P2)
  • Limay-FAB Transmission Line 6903271 (i J P2)
  • Orion-BNPP Transmission Line 6824330 (i J P2)
  • Muntinlupa-Biñan Transmission Line (8L1MUN-BIN; 8L2MUN-BIN; 8L3MUN-BIN; 8L4MUN-BIN) 7509886 (i J P2)
  • Bay-Biñan Transmission Line 6847442 (i J P2)
  • Limay-SMC Consolidated Power Plant Transmission Line (8L1LIM-LAM; 8L2LIM-LAM) 7561911 (i J P2)
  • Sucat-Araneta Transmission Line (SA) 7496337 (i J P2)
    • Manila-Muntinlupa Transmission Line (8L1MNA-MUN) 7496338 (i J P2)
  • Limay-PPDC Park Transmission Line (BTPP-SEMI) 7561913 (i J P2)



  • National Grid Corporation of the Philippines - a privately-owned company responsible for operating, maintaining, expanding, and managing the country's state, Philippine government, or TransCo-owned transmission facilities.
  • National Transmission Corporation - a state/government-owned and controlled corporation that owns the transmission facilities being operated, maintained, and expanded by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.