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Processing for moving to ODBL


  1. if Node(v1) = non-compliant --> delete Node
  1. if Position of any Node(v>1) = non-compliant --> revert Position to v(ok)
  1. if eachTagging of Node(v>1) = non-compliant --> revert Tagging to v(ok)


  1. if Way(v1) = non-compliant --> delete Way
  2. if each Tagging of Way(v_any) = non-compliant --> revert tagging to v(ok)


  1. if Relation(v1) = non-compliant --> delete Relation
  2. if each Tagging of Relation(v>1) = non-compliant --> revert Tagging to v(ok)
  3. if each Member of Relation(v>1) = non-compliant --> revert Member to v(ok)
  4. if each Member_Role of Relation (v>1) = non-compliant --> revert Member_Role to v(ok)


  1. Delete Nodes not having ALL of the following: any Tags; reference to any Way; Member of any Relation
  2. Delete Ways not having any Tags AND not being Member of any Relation
  3. Delete Relations not having any Tags or any Members