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// install [[w:User:Cacycle/wikEd|User:Cacycle/wikEd]] wikEd is a full-featured edit page text editor for regular to advanced users on Wikipedia and other MediaWikis.
mw.loader.load( '//' );

// install [ autoFormatter] - '''Auto-Formatter''' is a user script that 
// semi-automatically fixes more than 200 common errors in the [[w:Wiki markup|wiki markup]].
// The script was originally created for the German Wikipedia but can be used in all languages. 
// Please note that the script may make mistakes. Please [[w:de:Benutzer_Diskussion:TMg/autoFormatter|report errors]] (you can write English or German).
// mw.loader.load("//");

// Beta

// install [ AutoEd] - '''AutoEd''' is a [[WP:WikiProject user scripts|user script]] that helps to 
// automatically make certain changes in articles, and it also allows for easy design, use, and customization of user scripts related to automated article cleanup.
// mw.loader.load( '//' );
// importScript('//');

mw.loader.load('//'); //Linkback: [[User:Cameltrader/Advisor.js]] Added by Script installer
mw.loader.load('// Terms.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript'); //Linkback: [[User:Ohconfucius/script/Common Terms.js]] Added by Script installer
mw.loader.load('//'); //Linkback: [[User:Ohconfucius/script/formatgeneral.js]] Added by Script installer
mw.loader.load('//'); //Linkback: [[User:PleaseStand/highlight-comments.js]] Added by Script installer