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Hi, I'm Bob Prehn Over the past 5 years I've been mapping bicycling trails and paths along the Colorado front range from Ft Collins down to Colorado Springs. I have made the trails available on my website: GeoBiking.Org The trails cover 175 gps uploadable trails covering over 1600 miles.

The trail information is available as:

  • .gpx files for upload to a GPS as tracklogs, routes and waypoints.
  • Hyperlinked spreadsheet of trail information
  • Map that can be directly loaded onto DeLorme PN20/30/40 GPS receivers.
  • Slide shows containing hundreds of pictures.
  • Google Earth file that allows viewing the whole network, including fly-bys.

Earlier this year I was made of the Open Street Map effort and have been adding many of the trails I've mapped. Adding the trails also means having to correct nearby roads to proper places. Most of the trails are now part of the map. I've also added roads in newer subdivisions on NE side of Metro Denver area.

Currently working on adding the many canals and other waterways in the metro area. Also adding some N metro Golf Courses etc.