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Notes from Daisy Hill traces

Saturday, 2008-07-12
completed, 2008-08-08

Miscellaneous rough notes

  • traces now public
  • departed about 15:08 local GPS time from carpark P8 along Stringybark Trail
  • heavily used by mountain bikers - looks like fun!
  • right turn @ intersection at 15:27 (watch time) - not stubbed?
  • right turn @ intersection at 15:54 (watch time) - not stubbed? - walk along barbed wire fence line on dirt road one car lane width
  • @16:06 (local GPS), stubbed small track marked by post as "4". Post also has a bicycle symbol and a horses symbol crossed out (i.e. "no horses")
  • @16:13 (local GPS), joined very wide dirt road, and turn right into it (stubbed the left fork)


  • synchronise and review photographs taken - done