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I'm still learning. I've got several open questions.

I edited the footpath on

was is tagged correctly?

How can I leave a comment, that I don't know where the path is precisely? I have no GPS-tracker so I had not choice but to either not insert the street or insert it at approximately the right position? What's the preferred behaviour on OSM?

Will I get a notice when there is a change on the path I added?

I consider changing the Grimmstraße, as it is wrong the way it is right now. But I'm not sure whether I'll do it correctly. What happens if I make some error. Will someone be notified of my changes so there is a good chance it will be reviewed? On wikipedia I'd be sure about that. Here, on OSM, I have no idea whether someone looks at recent changes? Can I mark a territory that I want to see the recent changes in? So I could mark all the areas I know, and whenever some changes occur there I can see them on my "watch list"? Is there a watchlist for OSM?

Any answers are highly appreciated, thanks, Jack