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ISO-3166 Feature Links License Quality
BW District boundaries Public Domain High
SD State boundaries ODbL

boundary=administrative TODO

  • AG (Antigua und Barbuda) missing subdivisions AG-03 AG-04 AG-05 AG-06 AG-07 AG-08 AG-10 AG-11.
  • BD (Bangladesh) missing most districts. Available here:
  • BI (Burundi) communes missing. Available here:
  • BW (Botswana) missing city and town boundaries (BW-FR BW-GA BW-JW BW-LO BW-SP BW-ST).
  • CV-B (Ilhas de Barlavento) subdivision missing.
  • CV-S (Ilhas de Sotavento) subdivision missing.
  • GB-NIR (Northern Ireland) missing district subdivisions.
  • GD (Grenada) missing all subdivisions (GD-01 GD-02 GD-03 GD-04 GD-05 GD-06 GD-10).
  • GL (Greenland) missing all subdivisions (GL-KU GL-QA GL-QE GL-SM).
  • IT (Italy) missing subdivisions: IT-AO IT-CI IT-OG IT-OT IT-VS.
  • LC (Saint Lucia) missing all subdivisions (LC-01 LC-02 LC-03 LC-05 LC-06 LC-07 LC-08 LC-10 LC-11 LC-12).
  • MC (Monaco) missing all 17 subdivisions (quarters).
  • ME (Montenegro) missing ME-22 (Gusinje) and ME-23 (Petnjica).
  • MR (Mauritania) missing MR-13, MR-14, MR-15. [Use MR-NKC (Nouakchott) which covers them].
  • MU (Mauritius) missing all "city" subdivisions: MU-BR MU-CU MU-PU MU-QB MU-VP. [NOTE: Cities currently covered by enclosing districts.]
  • MW (Malawi) missing all district subdivisions except MW-LK.
  • NR (Nauru) missing all subdivisions.
  • OM (Oman) missing OM-BJ OM-BS OM-SJ OM-SS, at least some are the result of splitting old subdivisions and OSM hasn't been updated yet.
  • QA (Qatar) OSM subdivisions need update.
  • SC (Seychelles) missing subdivisions.
  • SY (Syria) missing SY-DI (Dimashq).
  • TH (Thailand) missing boundary for TH-S (Pattaya) (special administrative city). [NOTE: City currently covered by enclosing province.]
  • TT (Trinidad und Tobago) missing all boundaries.
  • WF (Wallis und Futuna) missing all subdivisions.
  • WS (Samoa) missing all subdivisions.