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THE PROBLEM: Is it legal to add the full name of a professional inside the OpenStreetMap database? Is it possible that contributors will get sued in the future if someone doesn't like being in the osm database? This situation is unclear in Greece. People do not know what privacy laws there are in Greece.

Directories in Greece


The Doctor "Δρ. ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ Γ. ΓΗΤΑΣ"

The Problem

The problem, my friend freaking out, thinking that I will get in trouble in the future. The problem is really that I didn't have anything to say to my defense. I didn't have any arguments other than that people will find it useful to have a map with the doctors. If you need a doctor, instead of searching randomly you can find the relevant info on the map to see what specialty the doctor has and where the doctor is. Saves a lot of time.

Until I research well enough, these are some changes I made to keep me on the safe side for the moment:

Being positive to just add the info to the map