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About Me: ...ekhm... see: or short: I love this project.


OSM is quickly developing. This is nice, but also causes problems: some areas are already perfectly mapped and thus "dead" for new users. One can already see that new users add only one node and then quit mapping, because everything already exists.

Of course this is not the case everywhere, but this development applies to more and more areas. We should avoid a destiny as in Wikipedia, where the number of new articles and new users reduced dramatically after most articles had been written.

Technology is constantly making progress: in the future Galileo will allow a precision of 1m together with GPS and new chips. The technology for indoor navigation is mostly developed and soon to be released. Cars are equipped with cameras, and can contribute to collecting data to OSM.

We need space in OSM for former niche projects: 3D mapping, indoor mapping, marine, fire brigades, environmental protection, aeronautics and so on.

We need new content in OSM: precise 3D textured models, 3d models of publicly accessible buildings, micromapping.

We can integrate these projects if we allow a layer concept in OSM.

Together with the Blender Community and Blender Foundation we should develop a new standard editor for 3D cities, which can compete with Google Earth content and editors. Both free communities would profit.

We need donations from the industry which has a great interest in OSM data, in order to develop open source tools which allow the generation of 3D models as well as detailed street mapping including lanes and traffic signs from video imagery.

For advanced users we need better CAD functions in order to draw even better and more precise maps. We're talking about new, even simpler editors for beginners. But in fact most data is contributed by only few users. We should help the turbo mappers.

The industry, in particular the car industry, can help here.

We shouldn't ask ourselves whether we prefer to be Google or Nokia. We should become better than the sum of these two projects.

I order to achieve this we must focus on more transparency for making decisions, monetary transactions should be organized more transparently.