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Great Britain road classification system


  • Motorways are designated "M1", "M10", etc.
  • A-roads are those designated "A1010" etc.
  • B-roads are those designated "B2020" etc.

Some sections of A-roads have been (partially) upgraded to motorway standards, but retain their original number. These are called things like "A1 (M)".

Primary Route Network

There is an official Primary Route Network recommended for long-distance journeys. It links Primary Destinations. Direction and confirmation signs on the Primary Route Network are green; as opposed to those on other A-roads, which are white.

The Primary Route Network includes, in addition to various A-roads, motorways.

Trunk roads

Some roads are maintained by central government; others are maintained by local councils. Those maintained by central government tend to be called trunk. However, this is largely irrelevant for the purpose of map-making.


Road number Part of Primary Route Network? Colour of signs Maintained by Tag to use
M[] or A[](M) n/a blue council or government highway=motorway
A[] yes (primary) green council or government highway=trunk
A[] no (non-primary) white council or government highway=primary
B[] n/a white council highway=secondary