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1921, 1922? (West Chicago parks)

  • Adams Boulevard, Central Avenue to Austin Boulevard
  • Ashland Boulevard, Roosevelt Road to Lake Street
  • Augusta Boulevard, Austin Boulevard to Elston Avenue
  • Austin Boulevard, Roosevelt Road to North Avenue
  • California Boulevard, 24th Boulevard to 31st Boulevard
  • California Boulevard, 18th Street to Roosevelt Road
  • Campbell Park Boulevard, Oakley Boulevard to Leavitt Street
  • Central Park Boulevard, Franklin Boulevard to Garfield Park (Kinzie Street)
  • Central Park Boulevard, Madison Street to Colorado Avenue
  • Douglas Boulevard, Independence Boulevard to Douglas Park (Albany Avenue)
  • Franklin Boulevard, Central Park Boulevard to Sacramento Boulevard
  • Fulton Boulevard, Central Park Boulevard to Sacramento Boulevard
  • Hamlin Boulevard, Fifth Avenue to Lake Street
  • Homan Boulevard, Madison Street to Lake Street
  • Humboldt Boulevard, Palmer Square to Humboldt Park (North Avenue)
  • Independence Boulevard, Douglas Boulevard to Garfield Park (Fifth Avenue)
  • Jackson Boulevard, Central Avenue to Hamlin Boulevard
  • Jackson Boulevard, Central Park Boulevard to Canal Street
  • Kedzie Boulevard, Palmer Square to Logan Boulevard
  • Logan Boulevard and Logan Square, Kedzie Boulevard to Chicago River (Diversey Street)
  • Marshall Boulevard, 24th Boulevard to Douglas Park (19th Street)
  • Oakley Boulevard, Roosevelt Road to North Avenue
  • Ogden Boulevard, Douglas Park (California Avenue) to Oakley and Roosevelt Boulevard intersection
  • Palmer Square Boulevard, Kedzie Boulevard to Humboldt Boulevard
  • Roosevelt Road Boulevard, Oakley Boulevard to Ashland Boulevard
  • Sacramento Boulevard, Douglas Park (Roosevelt Road) to Humboldt Park (Augusta Boulevard)
  • 31st Boulevard, California Boulevard to Western Boulevard
  • 24th Boulevard, Marshall Boulevard to California Boulevard
  • Warren Boulevard, Austin Boulevard to Hamlin Boulevard (Garfield Park)
  • Warren Boulevard, Homan Boulevard to Canal Street
  • Washington Boulevard, Garfield Park (Homan Boulevard) to Ogden Avenue
  • Western Avenue Boulevard, 31st Boulevard to Illinois and Michigan Canal