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Town of Bithlo (1922-29)

City of Orlo Vista (1927-29)

The Southeast quarter, and the East one-half of the Southwest quarter of Secton 25; the Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter, and the North one-half of the Northeast quarter of Section 36; all in Township 22 South, Range 28 East. Also, the West one-half of the Southwest quarter of Section 30, Township 22 South, Range 29 East, lying North of the North line of the Orlando-Winter Garden Highway.

Town of Pine Castle (1925-29)

Beginning at the Southwest corner of Section twenty-four, township twenty-three, South of Range twenty-nine East, running thence North one mile to the Northwest corner of said Section twenty-four, thence East on the section line to the water's edge of Lake Conway; thence Easterly along Lake Conway to the West line of the limits of Belle Isle; thence South, on the West line of Belle Isle to where the road known as the J. A. Beck road intersects the West boundary of Belle Isle; thence following the said road to the Dixie Highway; thence North to the quarter section line; thence West one-half mile to place of beginning, said territory situated, lying and being in the County of Orange, State of Florida.

(description was erroneous)

Town of Taft (?)