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Looking forward to learning more about this project.

My Wikis

I've gotten the MediaWiki bug and now run my own WikiFarm with a number of wikis. Some are open to anyone to work with, some are closed and private.

CCChecklist    Development

Collection of Creative Commons licensed Checklists.

Wikinosh    Open

An editable database of nutrition facts for food.

Big Green Wiki    Development

Community created information about the Big Green Egg.

Road Sign Math    Open

Mathematically significant road signs from around the world.

Road Sign Wordplay    Development

Developing word game using official road signs.

Road Sign Bingo    Development

Developing road trip game for all-ages using official road signs.

100 Startup Ideas    Development

Collection of startup ideas from Garrick Van Buren and Jamie.

R/W Book Club    Invitation

Official wiki of R/W Book Club.

Get Local Coffee    Development

Community curated listings of coffee shops that are locally owned and operated.

TOS Redux    Development

Translating legalese of terms of service to something normal people can understand.

Gut Check 212    Development

Official wiki of the Gut Check 212 bicycle race.

photog.thing    Invitation

Highlights of my photography and collections of photos from events and classes I've taken.

wiki_thing    Invitation

My personal wiki that I use for a variety of things.

Thingelstad Scrapbook    Private

Our private family wiki that serves as a digital scrapbook.

sandbox_thing    Development

My private sandbox for developing MediaWiki templates and extensions and working out wiki methods to do things.

MediaWiki Cookbook    Development

Collections of recipes and wiki pages to create complex solutions using MediaWiki.