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This page contains a set of rendering rules for Kosmos.

URL of the rules to use in Kosmos:


Option Value Comment
MinKosmosVersion 2.1 Minimal version of Kosmos needed to use these rules
LandBackgroundColor white
SeaColor #87D2E7

Water Features

Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Coastline way natural=coastline Polyline (MinZoom=1, Color=#87D2E7, Width=11:1;17:2)
Reservoir area landuse=reservoir Polygon (Color=#87D2E7)
Basin area landuse=basin Polygon (Color=#87D2E7)
Water area natural=water Polygon (Color=#87D2E7)
River way waterway=river Polyline (MinZoom=5, Color=#87D2E7, Width=5:1;10:2;17:14, Curved=true)
Drain way waterway=drain Polyline (MinZoom=13, Color=#87D2E7, Width=13:1;17:6, Curved=true)
Stream way waterway=stream Polyline (MinZoom=13, Color=#87D2E7, Width=13:1;17:6, Curved=true)
Canal way waterway=canal Polyline (MinZoom=5, Color=#87D2E7, Width=5:1;10:1;17:10, Curved=true)
Riverbank area waterway=riverbank Polygon (Color=#87D2E7)
Land area natural=land Polygon (Color=white)


Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Contours way ele=* for elevation contours generated by Srtm2Osm
.Major way ValueNum(e,"ele") % 100 = 0 Polyline (MinZoom=11, Color=#99C8C6B9, Width=11:1;14:2, Curved=true) Major contours (100m ones)
.* way Polyline (MinZoom=12, Color=#40C8C6B9, Width=1, Curved=true) all other contours


Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Guidepost node tourism=information information=guidepost hiking=yes Icon (MinZoom=10, IconUrl=, Width=10:2;17:20)
Text (MinZoom=12, Color=black, TagToUse=name, FontName=Segoe UI, FontStyle=regular, FontSize=12:4;17:10, TextLineOffset=-200%)
Guidepost doubleguidepost.png

Marked paths

Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
TrailsMarkedBlue way marked_trail=* Polyline (MinZoom=10, Color=blue, Width=13:2;17:4) EliminateSeams
TrailsMarkedBluePlanned way fixme:marked_trail=* Polyline (MinZoom=10, Color=blue, Width=13:2;17:4) EliminateSeams
TrailsBlazed way trailblazed=* Polyline (MinZoom=10, Color=blue, Width=13:2;17:4) EliminateSeams