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This template is called by {{Languages}}. You shouldn’t need to call it directly.

Adding extra languages

Languages are presented in alphabetical order by the language’s own name for itself, for instance Deutsch under D. Nearly every language is in the same form, which has been optimised to make the code as compact as possible:


where the language code xy is the first element of the website name for Wikipedia in your language (the ISO 639-2 abbreviation if there is one, otherwise ISO 639-3), and is always entirely in lower case.

When you preview you should see [[:Xy:{{{p}}}|· Autonym]], where Mediawiki has filled in the language autonym for you, and also generated the language prefix Xy: with the correct capitalisation.

If you don’t see a name double-check the code, in the unlikely event that Mediawiki doesn’t know of the language you can type it as:


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