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Make 7-8 photos turning around, so when merged, they would cover everything in 360-degree field. There should be overlap at least 1/4 of a frame between consecutive shots.

Install Hugin: from a linux repo or using an installer from the website.

Start it. There will be three buttons. With the first one, choose photos for a panorama. The second one will merge them, allowing to fix imperfections, but you won't need that most of the time. The third one will actually stitch photos together and write a TIFF or JPEG (which is preferred and you should select it) image.

Now you would need ExifTool and pyExifToolGUI. The latter is more functional and multiplatform version of ExifToolGUI. Run these command with `sudo`:

yum install exiftool
yum install qt-devel
pip install PySide
git clone
cd pyExifToolGUI
mkdir ~/.pyexiftoolgui
./ install

If it fails with something about "install-layout", use this line:

python install --install-lib=/usr/share/pyexiftoolgui --install-scripts=/usr/bin

"Open" button leads to unexpected browsers, so use one of the following websites:

You should use WGS-84 coordinate system.