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Are you doing a story on OpenStreetMap? Find OSM logos, materials resources and map data here.

Where can I subscribe to stay up-to-date?



  • How complete is the map? tbd
  • How does the map compare to other/commercial map providers? tbd
  • What is the growth rate of map coverage? tbd


Some OpenStreetMap contributors are available for interviews and background.

Are there any official representatives?


Is there an overview on recent press coverage?



You need no special permission to use OpenStreetMap for your business purposes. The permission you need is granted by the OpenStreetmap license.

I want to use OpenStreetMap on my company web site

You want to show people how to find your business using OpenStreetMap? Follow these guides.

I want to put my business on OpenStreetMap

Make sure your company can be found by OpenStreetMap users. Put your business into OpenStreetMap.

I want to earn money with OpenStreetMap

You have an idea for earning money with OpenStreetMap? Great!

I'm making an iPhone App for OpenStreetMap

Wonderful! See and

What are the advantages/differences to use OpenStreetMap over the Google Maps API?


I want to discuss a commercial licensing agreeement to receive additional rights

Sorry! The decentral copyright does not allow alternative licensing terms.

Can you recommend a lawyer who can consult on the licensing terms?


The map is wrong!

OpenSteetMap is the map that you can fix and update so that it is always the most up-to-date, the most accurate map possible.

How to tell others that the map is wrong

Submit a bug at OpenStreetBugs.

Learn how to fix the map yourself

Tutorials, Videos, How Tos.