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Virtual Tiles@Home based on Debian Linux 4.0r3 (Etch)

We have set up a virutal PC running Debian Linux 4.0r3 (Etch). All the Tiles@home software is installed and running. It is tested, and it already made some successful uploads as user BrianSchimmel.

This project is still in alpha status, that is, it is running but has undergone nearly no testing, and there are several known problems. At this stage, what we stated above would be wrong: You still need some linux knowledge, as well as PC knowlegde in general. If you are a beginner, wait some more weeks for us to finish our work.

We are currently writing some shell script that asks the user for his name/password. Until then, he had to fill in these into a configuration file. There are also huge security issues at the moment. We won't release vt@h into the public until they are fixed (maybe mid-february 2008 or even earlyer).

The current download size is about 300 MB, and uses about 1 GB on your drive in order to run. We will be able to reduce the download size, but the memory footprint of 1 GB will problably not reduce.


  • - used to run the virtual PC. Available as closed source edition and open source edition. Both work, but if you want an installer, you have to choose the closed one.
  • The virtual PC itself - still pending...