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WhereAmI - Known Users

Name Device Comments
Chaitanya CH Nokia 5800 XM Using v0.14a S60v3 Signable on S60 5th Edition. Very good for mapping in partially mapped streets. I haven't used it for much else. My touchscreen phone doesn't have number keys . I'm stuck with the LatLon and Map tabs.
Nightbird Samsung SGH-550i Using the signed version on S60 3rd Edition. Sometimes the traces are just not saved, and sometimes the app seems to close itself.
Robert (Jamie) Munro N73 Using the unsigned version. Updating positon from the GPS seems to be a bit erratic at times, but otherwise it works great.
Darvari E70+ext.BT-GPS,
Also using the unsigned version on a E70 with bt-GPS. I would like to contact the developers because I'd like to make some modifications to the app, but have difficulties compiling it. Unfortunately it is impossible to contact them through their page. Anyone ideas?

Update: now using a self-compiled and self-signed version with support for 'Location'-capabilities of the phone. Interesting enough - you can still use S60 3rdEd phones that do not have a internal GPS in a N95-style using 'Location' instead of direct-Bluetooth-Connect. This allows you to have more than one app (geocaching/navigation, google-maps) at a time using the GPS.

Adam Boardman 9500, M600i, 3250, 6600 Application developer. Davari - you can raise bugs on the symbianos.org website. There is also a readme.txt file detailing how to build the app. DWizzy - just do the self-signed thing and it will use the LBS API's
Chol E50+ext.BT-GPS, E90 I'm using the unsigned version on E50 with external SysOnTrack GPS mouse and E90 with internal and/or external Holux GPSlim 236.

How do I make audio and photo annotations in version 0.11? I would be thankful about an explanation on the wiki page.

Muss S. Sain 9300i + LD-3W First of all: I'm a bloody newbie to all this stuff. Second: I'm so happy that WhereAmI seems to be the first application to actually work on my sloooow 9300i. Third: The instructions on this page seem to be a bit misleading, at least for the S80 version that I am using. Once I became more familiar and managed to upload my first track to OSM I volunteer to apply some slight corrections...
DWizzy Nokia E61 + Adapt 300 OEM Very new to OSM (a week of usage), GPS (two days) and S60 (a month or two): would absolutely love Davari's idea/implementation with Symbian's Locationing API instead of direct bluetooth connection. I Would also love to put jpeg/png/preloaded maps in the background: that would make WhereAmI the perfect tool for everything I need (it is the only proper GPX logger I have found!)
Hiroshi Miura Nokia E61 + LD-3W Evangelist in Japan and east Asia. Enjoying mapping with Nokia cell-phone and Digital camera. Why don't you visit OSM Japan. I do not like it before 0.11 but now it is that you and I must have!
Breezer N95 8Gb The first app for my phone I came across that output GPX and was usable! Dislikes: how slow it is to manually move around the map, display looks ugly and a bit like it was written for the developer and noone else (ie he didn't care). Likes: satellite info screen, pretty customisable, and the trace display (joined lines). Discovered MOM now though (much prettier, simpler, but lacking customisation); may end up using a bit of both.
Trev Nokia 6110 Navigator Freshly installed the signable version after trying the unsigned one that could not find the built-in GPS. This signed version seems to be working great! Intending to add cycling specific maps for use with the Open Source Velomobile project, specifically to add to Opencyclemapand the Hypertrike project. Check it out! Hypertrike Open Source Velomobile. Hopefully many will find it useful, and add to it!
lawgon Nokia E71 installed signable version - worked out of the box and is really cool since my area does not have nokia/yahoo coverage
mapserver Nokia E71 installed signable version. I also use GpsMid, which is cool too. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. I have not find a better OSM applikation for my E71
Kenguest Nokia 9300i works well. starting to record audio annotations with it!
Maverick2k Nokia 9300i Works well, map rendering could be improved. Did anybody manage to get the voice annotations properly imported in JOSM? I can import the files via right mouse click but they don't appear at the position where the annotation was taken but at the beginning of the track. Obviously JOSM disregards both the time stamp of the file and the GPS position coded in the file name.
Felix Hummel Nokia E61i [[1]] works like a charm. map import is a little slow though.
Gaoithe Nokia E65 Very good app. Very usable. For .gpx collection and admiring map :)

With v0.11 whereami (on E65) crashes out sometimes, phone resets other times. The E65 has bluetooth stability problems I think. I have seen phone do this with other bluetooth and not whereami. I did not lose .gpx info with crashes. I used up all memory on phone one time and lost last .gpx trace I had done. oops! Check your kids haven't been snapping tons of photos with your phone before OSMing!
With v0.13a after an initial .gpx collect (and maybe GSM cellids) I have an issue with whereami.db :( Need to follow instructions in FAQ: http://www.symbianos.org/faq/r=projectlink%3D47 The .db is not fully corrupt though. maps load fine. When I flip into named items view whereami crashes out.

Jose1711 Nokia E51

Seems pretty usable there are some quirks however. The biggest is that atm attempt to download maps crashes the application (reported http://www.symbianos.org/bugs/151). Could be related to the fact that osmselector is unable to download the tiles either (WARNING: Cannot find file). So for now I have to live with a white background instead of map.
Tried audiotagging and hmm.. works pretty good. @Adamboardman: switch to Annotate tab using right/left arrows, then use down/up to select Audio. As for the josm import of audio annotations I made a simple bash script if anyone needs it.

cat <<HERE
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<gpx version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1"
xmlns:au="http://geocaching.com.au/geocache/1" >

for i in *wav; do
lon=$(echo "$i" | cut -d- -f 4)
lat=$(echo "${i%%.wav}" | cut -d- -f 5)
echo '<wpt lat="'$lat'" lon="'$lon'">'
echo '<name>'$i'</name>'
echo '<link href="'$i'"/>'
echo '</wpt>'
cat <<HERE

As you may see timestamps are ommited, only lat/lon data from filename are taken into account. Run the script from the same directory where your wav files are, redirect the stdout to a file (say: audio_waypoints.gpx) and open it in josm.

Update: Osmselector now works but now a different question pops up: how to import map downloaded from this tool? I've chosen tiles and downloaded importtodb.7z and put it inside both root folder of my SD card and same directory where the database resides and whereami did not pick it up. Where should I put it to get automatically detected? Thanks.

ij N95 works well for the traces and audio tagging, but maps download is flawed (crashes or makes exit hang if it was successful). I had to add:
... | sed -e '|,|.|'
after cut'ing to the lat and lon parsing as my country uses , as a decimal separator which doesn't work in JOSM import.
Lulu-Ann N80 map download via WLAN fails, app crashes. Map import does not work, I copied the zipped or unzipped files to the memory card and tried to open, failed.
Utanapischti Nokia 9300/9300i + Nokia LD-3W  
TobiBS Nokia E72 with built in GPS I tried it and tagged a small area today. I only did text annotations, but I will try photos and audio, too. The map download is only working directly for me, using the PC to mobile feature is not possible. The phone recognizes the file and WhereAmI is opening, but the map is not displayed.