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in short: For developers and users that want to only find and/or use Free Libre and Open Source Software while contributing to free geodata

Welcome to the Free Libre and Open Source Software (F.L.O.S.S.) WikiProject. This WikiProject was created to help people who prefer to use Free Libre and Open Source Software in conjunction with their mapping work. To only use software that respects their freedom to share the software and collaborate with other people. Some of the software that is used to map on OpenStreetMap is not FLOSS. Some software is FLOSS but it depends on non-FLOSS software and thus it cannot be used in a fully 100% FLOSS software system/group of software. Thus the motivation is to recommend software that is FLOSS and at the same time is not dependent on non-FLOSS software to function.

Examples: potlatch which might be considered dependent on non-FLOSS software like Adobe flash. Although there are people who have made gnash run with Potlatch versions 1.x .


Project No Flash

One major task would be to compile potlatch so that it does not need flash to run, for that there are two

Potlach is the default editor in the OSM webpage, it builds from source with FLOSS, and it is FLOSS, but it works practically better at the current moment with non-free software, although we recommend you to use FLOSS software like gnash. It has been tested with Gnash with mixed results, and it should be worked on more, we need to help test that with all releases. We need to fix any bugs in gnash that prevent it from being used in full. Currently the performance is suboptimal and it is hard to work with.

Gnash Links :

See talk page. --Richard 18:07, 3 May 2010 (UTC)


Gnash does not fully support Actionscript3 and it needs to be checked with Potlatch2 which is a rewrite of Potlatch in AS3. The developers of Gnash say that it will be a problem to use AS3 code on Gnash and that it will most likely not work at the moment.

The gnash team already registered an issue with potlatch2 going non free :

Gnash Bugs

Any problems with gnash itself running potlatch should be reported here :

for example is an open bug.

Here are some closed bugs :

Here is my page with the testing results/ issue list for staging into bug reports.


Haxe Port

Alternatively, It might be possible to use haxe to create an non flash web-page. Running with haxe promises to be able to compile to many different back-ends and introduce more flexibility. This will require however alot of work.

  • Please also note that haXe in itself is not actually a solution -- haXe is a programming language, not an API. When writing a webapp in haXe you still have to chose whether to target flash libraries, or html libraries. ie: it doesn't actually help you write a pure FLOSS application. Please also note that all you would be replacing for Potlatch is Ming or for Potlatch 2 is AS3 and the Flex framework, both of which are FLOSS tools anyway. Randomjunk 09:52, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

Project LibreDWG

The DWG file format from Autocad is not readable by any FLOSS software in its newest releases, many people have problems using files written in it. The FSF has declared the libredwg project to be a high priority and it would be great to find people to support it, to donate test files and to help develop it further.

Project dfx2osm

The TwoNickels Project is a branch of the dime dxf reader that contains an experimental dxf2osm tool to convert dxf files to osm format. It could use help as well.

Project open routing api

There are very many routing tools for OSM, It would be interesting to define a standard way for users to embed and interact with them. Ideally we would be able to unify the development of the open source routing tools so that the components are inter-operable.

Project GCJ Java

One project would be to compile the java tools like josm with the gnu compiler for java. using GCJ would help the GCC compiler and classpath improve its support for java and would open up new optimization opportunities. The openjdk also works well with JOSM, and should be used as well. But the GCJ needs work, and your help is needed in testing and bug reporting. my branch

see also :

Project no google keys

One project would focus on removing the need for google keys and google projections from the web applications. The Zoph tool for example needs a google key just to display an OSM map,because it uses mapstraction, which needs the google key, it would be nice to make a version that works without it.