Greece/Public Transport/Regional bus services (ΚΤΕΛ)

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The public transportation system is managed by the state-owned K.T.E.L.


There are two types of bus systems serving Crete: The bus network within the bigger cities and the overland busses for long range transportation.

City Busses

In major cities there are local networks:

Overland Busses

The busses of this system start and stop at major cities or locations of interest for tourists. Along the way, they may stop at one of the many smaller stops in between if a traveller whishes to exit there or someone is waiting there to get on the bus. There are two separate networks:


Network maps generally are not available, but the websites offer online search and display functions that show path and stops of single connections, in varying reliability. KTEL staff always are helpful to give more details.

City busses are identified by line numbers, but Overland busses are only identified by their destination (single coaches are identified by a vehicle numbers, but these may change from day to day).


According to Greek tagging guideline, the names of stops and stations are written in CAPITAL letters. Follow the spelling of the local KTEL company. It is common practice to either use Latin or Greek letters or both (name:en=KALAMAKI, name=ΚΑΛΑΜΑΚΙ).