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Goal: to create detailed maps of campuses run by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

Core project team: Rune Andersen, Andrew Perkis, Bård Fjeldaas, Tri M. Nguyen

Contributors: Christine Sætre, Daniel Øverdahl Perkis, Mats Indergård.

What to map

Start by mapping core features, such as:

  • Roads
  • Foot paths
  • Buildings
    • Varmeteknisk/Kjelhuset is stil a bit uncertain
  • Parks (medium and large ones, not random patches of grass)
  • Parking lots (Parking webpage, Gløshaugen parking map)
    • Gløshaugen (capacities needs validation), Dragvoll, Tyholt, Lerkendal/Valgrinda, Kalvskinnet, Øya, Ringve, Østmarka.
  • Stores, coffee shops, "kantiner" (run either by SiT or others)
    • Dragvoll: SiT Kafe Dragvoll, SiT Storkiosk, Cafe-sito Dragvoll, Matbaren Dragvoll, Matbaren Idrettssenteret
    • Gløshaugen: SiT Kafe Elektro, SiT Kafe Hangaren, SiT Kafe Kjelhuset, SiT Kafe Realfag, Cafe-sito Realfag, Cafe-sito Stripa, SiT Storkiosk
    • Øya: SiT Kafe MTFS, SiT Kafe Øya, SiT Storkiosk Øya
    • Other cafés/kantiner: Sit Kafe Tyholt, SiT Kafe Kalvskinnet, SiT Kafe Moholt, SiT Kafe Ranheimsveien, SiT Kafe Rotvoll, SiT Kafe Tunga, SiT Kafe DMMH
    • Cafés/kantiner run by ISS: Kantine HLA/Runit, Kantine Klæbuvn 153, Kantine Energiforskning, Kantine Kjemi, Kantine Materialtekn. 1, Kantine Materialtekn. 2, Kantine PTS, Kantine Teknologiledelse
    • Book shops: SiT Tapir Gløshaugen, SiT Tapir Dragvoll, SiT Tapir Kalvskinnet, SiT Tapir Leangen, SiT Tapir Rotvoll, SiT Tapir Moholt, SiT Tapir DMMH
  • 12 university libraries (list containing ref-numbers)
  • Faculties and departments (Norwegian list, English list) (Click the first link to see what's left to map)

Then map "everything" of interest, to you, to students, or to map users in general.

Mapping conventions


Parking lots

Campus areas

  • amenity=university Area is a university campus.
  • name=Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet Local name of university.
  • name:en=Norwegian University of Science and Technology English name.
  • loc_name=NTNU <area name here>, eg. loc_name=NTNU Gløshaugen Short name + local suburb name. Don't use a dash in the name.

Large areas like Gløshaugen or Dragvoll may (in addition) be added as a node, eg. place=suburb, name=Dragvoll.

Faculty/department offices

  • amenity=reception_area
  • ntnu:org=yes
  • ntnu:orgid=*, eg. ntnu:orgid=825 Official org.register ID (not K-sted or any other number)
  • name=Institutt for ... Full name in Norwegian.
  • name:en=Department of ... Full name in English.
  • loc_name=IDI Local abbreviation (faculty acronym should be left out on departments).
  • website=[] Official website URL

Coffee shops


Education rooms

  • room=yes
  • room_type=auditorium|computerlab|chemistrylab|group
  • room_nr=.. Offical room number according to floor plan, eg. room_nr=112
  • name=.. Commonly used name (or room nr for unnamed rooms), eg. name=S2
  • level=.. What floor the room is on, basement=-1, ground level=1, eg. level=1
  • capacity=.. How many seats/computer terminals/lab stations are available, eg. capacity=230

For rooms with access restrictions

Where to map