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Steps for importing NGI river vector data.

Vector data is provided in shp files and is divided up into South African grid squares.

Tags to keep from imported data Tag

  • Filter out perennial only rivers DONE
  • Develop translate filter
    • Fix up tags
      • Split english and afrikaans names
      • Strip numeric names
  • Fix/determine direction of data ( automatically using DEM ? )

Use buffering on existing OSM rivers to decide which rivers to import without review, and which needs manual review. New data that is contained within buffers of existing

Manual Steps

  • Change OSM tag; rivers to streams, using river plane as guideline.
  • Merge small ways into larger ways ... maybe/hopefully not.
  • Check flow direction.


  • Original better than import
  • Import better than original or no original exists
  • Do we have multiple ways for a river with number of flow channels?

Tags name:af=<> source=NGI-RiverImport2013? Potentially shorter?

Data contribution back to NGI

  • Where source=NGI-RiverImport and author <> import_user
  • Where source=NGI-RiverImport and version > 1