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This page is to bring information about a Mapping and Routing Project of inter-modal public transport in Catalonia

The project consist in the mapping of Stations and Routes of buses, tramways, tube and rail in Catalonia and develop a web system to manage timetables and calculate routes under different restrictions.

The project is planned to begin on April 2009 and progress in an incremental form.

This project will be a series of Final Degree student Projects at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and with the support of the Metropolitan Area of Bercelona (AMB)

Mapping Conventions (just first thoughts)

Many routes inside cities and towns are linear with a 'forward' and 'backward' direction, a start and end bus stop and sharing part of the ways in the route. Since API 0.6 have ordered relations.....

Lineal Lines

The first bus stop is the START T

Circular Lines

Loops in Lines

Routing (first thoughts)

The first step in routing is obtaining the digraph of a bus line from the route stored in OSM. The easiest wheight of arches are the distance between bus stops.

1.- Obtain the route from OSM

2.- Get the next bus stop and add it a a node (A)

3.- Get the next way (role=forward or no role) and add its distance to the wheight

4.- Loop 3 until reach a bus stop

5.- Add the bus stop as a node (B) and an arch from A to B with the wheight

6.- Loop 2 until reach the last bus stop

7.- Repeat 2-6 with role=backward or no role

Restrictions & Routing


1. Routing between stations (just using route information)

2. Routing between stations (using routes and time tables)

3. Routing between stations (minimizing wait time in connections)

4. Routing between stations (minimizing wait time and number of connections)

5. Routing between stations (4 + tariff restrictions)

6. Routing between stations (5 + arrival time goal)

7. Routing between addresses (6 + finding the nearest station walking)



April 2009 - Study of OSM Map Features to map bus lines

May 2009 - Study of NapTAN import and NapTAN database system to inspire this project



April 2009 - Mapping of the bus system of the city of Terrassa (15 lines)

Time Tables


Cities / Towns



Line Description OSM status Relation
1 Sant Llorenç - Rambla Egara - Hospital GPS + 50% Relation Relación no definida
2 Les Arenes - La Gripia - Rambla Egara To DO Relación no definida
3 Les Arenes - La Gripia - La Maurina GPX Relación no definida
4 Can Parellada - Ca n'Aurell To DO Relación no definida
5 Pla del Bon Aire - Poble Nou - Rambla d'Egara - Can Trias To DO Relación no definida
6 Can Tusell - St. Pere Nord - Rbla d'Egara - La Cogullada To DO Relación no definida
7 Nord - Sud (Pla de Bon Aire - Dr. Robert - Can Jofresa) To DO Relación no definida
8 Avingudes (Can Jofresa - Avingudes - Rbla d'Egara - Can Jofresa) To DO Relación no definida
9 Avingudes (Can Palet - Can Jofresa - Rbla d'Egara - Avingudes - Can Palet) To DO Relación no definida
10 Les Fonts - Estacio Nord To DO Relación no definida
11 Poble Nou - Hospital To DO Relación no definida
12 Can Gonteres - C. P. de Vista Alegre To DO Relación no definida
14 Mercadal Setmanal de Martí l'Humà-Can Parellada To DO Relación no definida
15 Polígons Industrials (Les Fonts - Colom II- Can Parellada - Sta. Margarida) To DO Relación no definida

Night Bus

Line Description OSM status Relation
16 Parc Vallès - Rambla Egara - Avingudes - Parc Vallès To DO Relación no definida