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About this page

This page collects information on imports and automated edits (also called fixbots) that have been performed in the US. It complements the general imports catalog.

What you won't find on this page

  • Potential data sources that are being considered by the community for importing into OpenStreetMap. There is a separate page listing those resources. This page is only concerned with imports that are completed.
  • Technical details on the individual imports. Please refer to the linked pages for information on techniques and tools, attribute mapping and other import metadata.
  • Discussion on imports and fixbots. This is generally conducted on the imports, talk-us or talk mailing lists. To learn about how and why the community decided on specific imports, search the archives of these lists or ask.



Fixbots and Scripts

  • Road Name Expansion script - See this blog entry
  • TIGER tag removal on nodes by woodpeck_fixbot, performed 8/2009 to 12/2009 - See mailing list post

Local and Statewide


  • SanGIS -- Building Footprints, Military bases, National Parks, Bus Stops, Addresses

District of Columbia




  • MGC - has this import taken place? It is in the Import Catalog.