AFTrack GPS-Tracking

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AFTrack GPS-Tracking
Screenshot of AFTrack GPS-Tracking
Author: A. Fischer
Version: 1.8.1 (2016-02-01)
Install: Google Play
License: proprietary (3.90€; US$4.95; free)
Platforms: Android, Symbian

Offline navigation with many map formats - BSB3 (*.kap), NV-digital (*.eap), Bitmaps with calibration file (format: map, gmi, kml, kal, cal, pwm), OSZ (zipped osm tile collection), mbtiles, sqlitedb, Mapsforge vector format and online maps

AFTrack is the display for your GPS and brings the world of hiking, biking, sailing, geocaching and more to your phone. The program handles tracking with smart and fixed logging features. It sends reports online or via SMS. It receives SMS position messages and shows it as way points. It exports tracks and way points, uses maps online and offline and much more.

  • map view with info docks - track, profile, route, waypoint. GPS info
  • different GPS sources: internal GPS, internal with NMEA, Bluetooth GPS direct, GPSD over WiFi/3G, USB, NMEA file
  • works as GPS daemon (NMEA or json, port 2947 only)
  • collect track data
  • show routes or tracks in up/down hill colors
  • export tracks to GPX, KML, OVL, IGC format and send it
  • import route data - GPX, TCX or KML format
  • import, export waypoints - GPX or KML format
  • get new waypoint from bearing, map or position
  • off road routing along the line
  • online maps - pool editable
  • offline maps - OSZ format build by MobileAtlasCreator
  • offline maps - SQLite formats mbtiles and sqlitedb build by MobileAtlasCreator
  • offline maps - BSB3 format for marine navigation, e.g., U.S. NOAA map, NewZealand Chart (LINZ) and more (needs Android 2.2 or higher)
  • offline maps - NV digital for marine navigation (OS >= Android 2.2)
  • offline maps - mapsforge vector file format (needs Android 2.2 or higher) with extra layouts (xml)
  • use offline maps from jpg, png or bmp files
  • use offline maps with calibration file map, gmi, kml, kal, cal, pwm or jpr format
  • seamless maps display when using OSZ or SQLite tile container
  • map selector to have quick access to available offline maps
  • map scan for a defined folder and sub folder
  • map overlays - pool editable
  • map offline overlays - in mbtiles "overlay" format
  • wind indicator for the map center
  • display depth, if available
  • display AIS information, if available
  • copy waypoints to route
  • reverse routes
  • altitude correction (automatic or manual)
  • pressure usable for altitude, if available
  • starting pressure altitude editable
  • automatic altitude correction via weather server (needs Internet connection)
  • vario display
  • vario sound
  • NMEA logging to disk - with filter
  • online position sending for live tracking
  • short message position sending
  • short message position receiving
  • short message from GPS tracker TK102, TK102-2, TK102 clones, DNT, ELRO, GEODOG, Benefon ESC, Benefon Trackkeeper NT, WondeProud spt10, Tracker from or SmartcomGps
  • collecting short messages to a track - single- or multi-tracking
  • text storage for short messages to send settings to a tracker
  • getting waypoint positions from a GpsGate server
  • set anchor alarm for the current position
  • set anchor alarm for a waypoint that receives positions from a GPS tracker
  • save and restore settings