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Founder Steve Coast presenting OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a free, editable map of the whole world. Unlike proprietary datasets like Google Map Maker, the OpenStreetMap license allows free access to the full map dataset. This massive amount of data can be downloaded in full, but also is available in immediately-useful forms like maps and commercial services.

Over one million contributors make OpenStreetMap possible. The main way that users participate is by editing the map. With a free user account, you can make improvements to the map that fix issues and add data for everyone. Some users take GPS units on walks, drives, or cycling trips to record tracks that can then be imported to OpenStreetMap. Others help out by tracing roads and features they find in satellite imagery into the map.

OpenStreetMap's funding and infrastructure is supported by the non-profit OpenStreetMap Foundation. While it doesn't maintain ownership of the dataset or control of the project, the foundation encourages the growth, development and distribution of free geospatial data for anybody to use and share.

Takaosan Mapping Party (Tokyo, Japan) October 2010

You can start editing the map straight away, right from the OpenStreetMap home page.


OpenStreetMap is not only open data, but it's built on open source software. The web interface software development, mapping engine, API, editors, and many other components of the slippy map are made possible by the work of volunteers. Work is taking this project in many different directions.

Interested in getting involved? Track down a specific component you'd like to help out on, and get in touch with the maintainers through the #osm-dev IRC channel.

Applications of OpenStreetMap

Main article: Applications of OpenStreetMap There are many Applications of OpenStreetMap. Beside maps, it's used for routing, within professional GIS software, in education and research.


Main article: Press More information for the press is available in this article.

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Some books have been published about OpenStreetMap.

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