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Screenshot of be-on-road
Author: Aponia Software, s.r.o.
Version: 3.9.26385 (2013-11-13)
License: proprietary (Free)
Platform: wm ; wm2003 ; iOS ; android ; bada

Offline multi-language voice navigation app with lane-guidance assistant. Data from OSM and propietary maps.

be-on-road is a closed source application for offline navigation, based on commercial maps or on OpenStreetMap based data files.

Be-on-road Nov2013 3D view.png


  • Map display in 2D or 3D with simple but smart display of buildings.
  • Speed camera warnings for all such nodes or relations contained in the main OSM dataset. (This feature may be illegal in some countries.)
  • Road segments can be blocked to avoid navigation via them.
  • Offline adddress search: smart differentiation of place names that occur twice or more in one country or region.
  • Search POI along a calculated route.
  • Map updates based on OpenStreetMap offered after some months.
  • ...


  • Some OSM based offline map files are quite big for download, e.g. France or Germany ... via the website of be-on-road there are installer programs available for windows PC that can use a broadband connection to download mapfiles directly on a connected mobile device.