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Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
latitude: 50.676, longitude: -120.34
Browse map of Kamloops 50°40′34″ N, 120°20′24″ W
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Kamloops is a city in British Columbia, Canada at latitude 50°40′34″ North, longitude 120°20′24″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under the OpenStreetMap License.

The City of Kamloops Geographic Information Services has released their data to the public. This is currently being looked at by mappers to see what should be loaded.

Kamloops GIS Section[1] See Open Data Downloads.

The following layers are completed:

  • City Boundary
  • Parks
  • Addresses (for the most part)
  • Railways

In progress:

  • Trees (removed as they add little value)
  • Roads (that are missing)
  • Buildings and houses that are missing
  • Fixing problems using OSM Inspector (especially street names and addresses); this is critical for routing
  • Fixing units in buildings ( do not tag for the renderer! Don't add housenumbers as units.

Layers that may be useful to add:

  • More shops (some needs to be updated)
  • Water features?
  • Cultural, civic, tourist point features