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Import of address data for areas currently lacking such data in Poland.


No specific schedule, current list updated in Pl:Importy Step by step process, covering usually few thousands address points (no more than 50k) in one import pass usually covering one polish gmina (municipality).

Import Data


Data is public information available through government project (EMUiA) and third party software processing that data and providing software for municipalities. Data has no restrictions on their use, to our tiny polish law knowledge is Public Domain data unless stated otherwise during publication. As far (2014/02/02) no record of restriction during release of data is known. Data (government records) are official addressing information used in Poland, so restriction on use would be awkward.

Used software

Extraction of address data is performed by PHP script.

Set of tools for merging retrieved points with existing OSM data by balrog-kun:

  • - compare existing addresses with new addresses and create .osm file without existing in OSM addresses.
  • - merge new addresses with buildings.

Final steps are performed in JOSM:

  • checking for duplicates
  • fixing street names mistypes

Data Preparation

Data is gathered via parsing processing WMS png files and querying for each address point ( example query) Result is stored in *.osm file for further processing: Address points are filtered to not cover any existing address points from same area, so no duplicates/edits/deletes of existing points should be possible. If potential address point covers already existing building addr tag will be joined with existing building. Data will be extracted in several small imports, allowing them to be manually reviewed in JOSM in final import step.


Resulting data is *.osm file containing only address points (:addr=* ) updates for given area.

This means only: addr:city=*, addr:housenumber=*, addr:place=*, addr:postcode=*, addr:street=*, source:addr=* are added during import.

Sample import data - file with address data as result of user:gsapijaszko script - file after filtering of existing address data. Filtering out made with - ready to import addresses; after merging siemiatycze-filtered.osm with OSM-existing buildings. Merging addresses with building countours made with

User name of the account performing the import

Imports are performed by different contributors using separate OSM accounts. Complete imports list is available.