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Available languages — OpenSatNav
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Screenshot of OpenSatNav
Author: Kieran Fleming et al.
Source code:
Version: 0.9 (2009-12-29)
License: GPLv3
Platform: Android

Routing and recording trip; maps (online+cache); navigation (online)

OpenSatNav (OpenSatNav) is a project to create an open satnav application that can be used on Android (G1+) handsets, and potentially Openmoko. The AndNav2 project has done some excellent work. The app is to work natively, and not require the hack of installing Debian on-top of Android.


Outstanding issues

Calculating a route is only possible after getting a GPS fix. It's not possible to calculate a route between two arbitrary points.


Some screens displaying Ordnance Survey Opendata#OS StreetView

OSOSNZ16.png OSOSNZ14.png