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Status: Approved (active)
Proposed by: amilopowers
Tagging: recycling:coffee_capsules=yes/no
Applies to: nodes / areas
Definition: Shows if recycling facilities take coffee capsules
Rendered as: Content for apps (or rendering)
Drafted on: 2015-08-22
RFC start: 2015-09-05
Vote start: 2016-01-12
Vote end: 2016-01-26
Nespresso (R) capsules


Due to the high popularity of Nespresso and other recyclable coffee capsules in Europe and elsewhere I suggest to include capsules in the "recycling" key.


Apps on smartphones could indicate if a recycling facility has a capsule bin or not. They are often hard to find nowadays.


Mostly Nespresso coffee shops take them back. There are hundreds of those shops across Europe. So additionally to shop=coffee I suggest to tag "recycling:coffee_capsules=yes/no".


Like mentioned before I suggest to add "recycling:coffee_capsules=yes/no" to recycling spots (containers) and "recycling:coffee_capsules=yes/no" for shops/supermarkets/etc. which take them.

Applies to

Nodes or areas.


It would be included in the "recycling" rendering.

Features/Pages affected

Keys: recycling:coffee_capsules=yes/no


And I thought that they are made from aluminium, i.e. recycling:aluminium=yes/no already covers these capsules. Also the photo illustrating this proposal doesn't show a specialized coffee powder capsule recycling station. Do those really exist? --zarl (talk) 17:29, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

Yes they do exist. Nespresso has to recycle them in a specific process. They open them and use the used coffe to make fertilizer. I think if you trow them into the regular aluminium you would also decrease the aluminium quality because of the high amount of coffee in it. And then there are places where they only take those capsules. In the palce I know it is just a container behind a building. They take only capsules no aluminium itself. --amilopowers (User talk:amilopowers) 19:50, 5 September 2015 (MESZ)

As Nespresso is brand rather than a type, maybe it should not appear in definition? Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 20:19, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

I just took it as an example. Of course I mean all the different brands. I proposed this because those capsules are huge problem to the environment and should at least be recycled. (User amilopowers) 06:50, 6 September 2015 (MESZ)


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  • I approve this proposal I approve this proposal. --Amilopowers (talk) 20:50, 12 January 2016 (UTC)
  • I approve this proposal I approve this proposal. —M!dgard [ talk ] 21:29, 12 January 2016 (UTC)
  • I abstain from voting but have comments I have comments but abstain from voting on this proposal. I think that this vote should include not only coffee capsules but rather the entire recycling:_____ key. If this is already approved, then I see no reason to create a proposal for such a specific feature. --DCTrans (talk) 02:29, 13 January 2016 (UTC)
  • I oppose this proposal I oppose this proposal. I'm not aware of anywhere that will take all brands of capsules. Nespresso branded shops will take Nespresso capsules but no other brands. Terracycle have locations exclusively for collecting Tassimo capsules. Keurig say you have to dismantle the pods yourself and recycle the parts individually.Dolce Gusto are not recycled at all except in Germany. This is a rare example where using brand names would be a required. --Peter Mead (talk) 10:15, 13 January 2016 (UTC)
  • I oppose this proposal I oppose this proposal. Good idea, but I think that allowing to specify the brand in a subkey would be better. Example : recycling:coffee_caspsules:nespresso=yes, while allowing recycling:coffee_caspsules=yes for stores who do not discriminate against brands.