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OpenStreetMap's own servers are run entirely on donated resources. They have strictly limited capacity.

To improve this capacity, OpenStreetMap needs more resources.

If you are a company or individual and want to help OpenStreetMap to run local tile server for your region, we will appreciate your help.

Basic regional tile delivery server requirements:

  • 12 GB RAM (at least; better 32 GB);
  • Fast network connection with unlimited traffic; (Traffic is directed by GeoDNS)
  • Full root/sudo access (Remote Management beneficial eg: HP Integrated Lights-Out);
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit (AMD64);
  • Storage of at least 146GB excluding OS. (10kRPM disk or better preferred)

If you are able and willing to provide such setup, please write a letter to

Current Tile CDN setup:

Traffic Estimates

During January 2013 the CDN served approximately 37400GB (inbound+outbound). Growth rate is approximately 3% month on month.

Outbound Traffic breakdown per country in bits per second. in March 2013. Inbound is approximately 10% of outbound.