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Blog posts, SotM mailing list and the website

These should be more formal communications providing facts, or promoting the event. We should avoid promoting individual talks unless they are official OpenStreetMap Foundation talks. This ensures that all speakers receive equal treatment via our major communication portals.

The main language is English but when drafting the text we should:

  • Use simple language and avoid colloquialisms. Proverb's/sayings often do not translate well. Although we have no formal guidelines Basic English seems to be a good starting point.
  • Aim to translate blog posts.

Social media

Communication on social media (including Twitter) tends to be very relaxed. We are free to post tweets in English, the official languages of the host country, and (occasionally) other languages. We are free to share links (including retweets) to comments by other individuals, including those that draw attention to particular talk, lightning talks or workshops.


All communications must respect the SOTM code of conduct, designed to create a conference experience free of harassment and discrimination.

There are several code of conduct documents relating more to community comms channels: Code of conduct#Community / Communications code of conduct (these will apply equally during online interactions taking place during a conference)

For SOTM organisers doing comms the OSMF communications guidelines maybe more relevant. Developed by CWG, these are just some general thinking points around how to use the "voice of the foundation".