City Maps 2Go

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City Maps 2Go
Screenshot of City Maps 2Go
Author: Ulmon GmbH
Version: 8.1 (2015-01-10)
License: proprietary (iPhone: Free)
Platform: iphone;Android

City Maps 2Go

City Maps 2Go ( ) is an iPhone and Android app for travel and navigation, developed by Ulmon. OSM data is packaged into City Maps, which can be downloaded to the device, and used completely offline. There are over 7,500 City Maps available for download from within City Maps 2Go. It is unique in the way, that it allows unlimited downloads for free on iOS. On the Android platform, since the app is free, there are only 5 free demo maps of 7800, if you pay with the in-app purchase, the rest of the maps are available too.

Apple has showed City Maps 2Go in its "Rewind 2010" feature as the second most sold app in the navigation category in Germany and Austria in 2010. It is also the offline map app with the highest appstore rating.


Version 3.5, launched early 2012, introduced "Wiki Plus" and now offers over 7,500 maps for unlimited download.

Version 3, launched early 2011 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, introduced "Ulmon Vector Maps".

Version 2 offered, among other things: offline maps, unlimited downloads, GPS localisation, POI, address search, bookmarking, placing personal pins.

There have been announcements on twitter and facebook, as well as the Ulmon homepage, that a Version 3 will be released soon. Version 3 is supposed to incorporate 'Ulmon Vector Maps', a proprietary rendering engine, which will reduce the file size substantially, deliver more map detail and higher resolution on Retina displays.


2010, Apple, in its "Rewind 2010" feature, announced City Maps 2Go the second most sold navigation app for iPhone in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2010.

2011, as part of the "Best App Ever 2011" contest, the user community voted City Maps 2Go the best Navigation App for iOS.

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