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Event Calendar ±
  Current events (in the next 2 weeks)
Mapping party 25 Jul 5ª OSM Party Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal Portugal
Social 25 Jul Anthill Mapping Tumkur, India India
Mapping party 25 Jul Gran mapathon OSM Paraguay Asunción, Paraguay Paraguay
MISC 25 Jul Mapazonia en Perú, Perú Peru
Mapping party 26 Jul Mapping party at FSMK Camp 15, India India
Social 27 Jul Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany Germany Bremen
Social 27 Jul Stammtisch Graz Austria Steiermark
Social 29 Jul Stammtisch Düsseldorf, Germany Germany
Speaking 31 Jul {ULI-PH} : Collaboration and Coordination in Building Resilient and Healthy Communities, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines Philippines
Mapping party 31 Jul Intro to OpenStreetMap Portland, Oregon, United States USA
Social 4 Aug Rostocker Treffen, Germany Germany
Podcast 4 Aug Work for your own map tile! Taiwan
  Future events (in less than 6 weeks)
Social 2 Aug Mappertreffen Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany Germany
Social 5 Aug Stammtisch Stuttgart, Germany Germany
Social 5 Aug 50. Wiener Stammtisch Austria Wien
Social 6 Aug Mappa Mercia, UK United Kingdom
Social 6 Aug Stammtisch Dresden Germany Dresden
Social 6 Aug Lübecker Mappertreffen, Germany Germany
Pizza 8–9 Aug London Hack Weekend, in Clerkenwell United Kingdom
Social 9 Aug OpenStreetMap 11th Anniversary Birthday party, worldwide!
Social 10 Aug Passau Stammtisch Germany
Meeting 10 Aug OpenStreetMap Taipei Meetup 2015/08/10 Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan
Social 11 Aug Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs, Lyon, France France
Social 13 Aug Mappertreffen Essen, Essen, Germany Germany
Social 13 Aug Stammtisch Innsbruck Austria Tirol
Social 14 Aug Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch Germany
Mapping party 16 Aug COSCUP OpenStreetMap Workshop Taiwan
Social 18 Aug Glasgow, Scotland Scotland
Social 18 Aug Mappertreffen Lüneburg, Lüneburg, Germany Germany
Social 18 Aug Derby, England England
Social 18 Aug Bonner Stammtisch, Bonn Germany
Social 19 Aug Stammtisch Karlsruhe, Germany Germany Wien
Social 24 Aug Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany Germany Bremen
  Future big events (in more than 6 weeks)
Conference 4–6 Sep State of the Map Latam 2015, Santiago Chile Santiago
Conference 14–19 Sep FOSS4G conference, Seoul, Korea Korea
Conference 15–17 Sep INTERGEO 2015 with OSGeo Park, Stuttgart Germany Germany
Conference 30 Sep – 4 Oct State of the Map Scotland 2015, Edinburgh Scotland
Conference 20–22 Nov Open GIS 2015, Moscow Russia Russia
Conference 26–27 Nov PGConf.DE (Deutschsprachige PostgreSQL Konferenz) 2015, Hamburg Germany Germany

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See the Past Events page for events past their sell-by date.

iCalendar feed

The current events calendar is also available in iCalendar format for use with your favourite calendaring application (e.g. Google Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird). For the full list of events, updated daily use:

Limiting by area

If you are only interested in events happening in a particular area you can specify an additional bounding box parameter. For example the following link will show all events happening in London, UK:,51.278,0.251,51.745

Unfortunately not all events contain location information and by default these are not shown when requesting a bounding box. If you wish to include these then add nongeo=true to your request:,51.278,0.251,51.745&nongeo=true

Advice on organising developer events

Developer events, also known as "hack days", "hack weekends" and "hackathons", are meetings of developers to discuss, network and collaborate with other developers, designers, documenters, and others with an interest in software.

If you are organising one of these events, then you may like to read our Engineering Working Group's advice.

Past Events

See the Past Events page.