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Screenshot of ForeverMap
Author: Skobbler GmbH
Version: 7.0.2 (2015-04-22)
Install: Google Play
iTunes App Store
License: proprietary (iPhone: 1,59€, Android: 1,59€ (Free Android version available))
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android

ForeverMap is an offline navigation app, providing address/POI search and route calculation

ForeverMap by Skobbler GmbH is an offline navigation application available for iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) and Android 2.1 or later. ForeverMap provides address/POI search, route calculation and Wikipedia information. OpenStreetMap Maps and POI data is the main source of information of this app. Skobbler also released an online turn-by-turn navigation app Skobbler Navigation for iOS and Android devices.

Maps can be downloaded for offline usage of the maps, but it is restricted to use US maps in the European version or European maps in the US version.

ForeverMap for Android on Googles Play Store was replaced by GPS Navigation & Maps +offline


ForeverMap includes several features:

  • Offline OpenStreetMap maps for almost all of Europe or the US
  • Route calculation for motorists, cyclists & pedestrians (no turn-by-turn navigation)
  • Address/POI search
  • Vector rendering of the map (from static data)
  • Wikipedia articles for points of interest

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